About Us

Doble is the home of quality jewellery and vintage watches with a flair for the unusual. For 100 years and four generations our jewellery shops have thrived, always striving to meet the demands and specialist needs of our valued customers. It is our pleasure to offer quality new and antique jewellery with every single piece handpicked for stock, making each item special to you and us. One of our core values is that purchasing jewellery should be a memorable experience and we endeavour to ensure a high quality of service. 

The Doble story began in 1918 with Arthur Golesworthy who started the business in Ottery St Mary, Exeter. His daughter Vera, married Ivor Doble in 1949 and after that the couple branched out and opened their first shop together. This shop was located in St Thomas, Exeter. Ivor was a trained watchmaker and Vera ran the day to day upkeep of the shop. They worked together for 10 years deleloping their own knowledge in the jewellery trade and eventually hired staff to run the workshop and sales area. In the early 1960’s Ivor saw an opportunity and opened a bigger shop in Sidwell Street, Exeter which turned into his flagship store and that was the start of a rapid rise for the Doble Family.

In the early 70’s Ivor and Vera’s Son, John Doble joined the business and he opened a second branch in Cowick Street, Exeter. Shortly after this Ivor Doble expanded into Newton Abbot, Bristol and Brixham. In November 1981, John Doble moved to Torquay and opened his flagship store in Fleet Street, Torquay. This offered a great balance of shops around Devon and made the family name become one of the most established in the area. 

Fast forward to 2016 and the newest shop was recently opened in Totnes by John Doble and his son Roo Doble, with the business looking to expand. In 2017/18 Roo has overseen renovations for the Doble flagship store in Sidwell Street, Exeter. Sidwell street now boasts 2 floors of modern retail space and is the home of a new state of the art workshop which has 3 goldsmiths working around the clock. Recently, the ‘Ivor Doble Jewellers’ and ‘Doble Jewellers’ branches have undergone a major rebranding to celebrate 100 years in business, with the online shop one of Doble families newest expansions.